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  1. Lawrence Halprin (July 1, 1916 – October 25, 2009) was an American landscape architect, designer and teacher. Beginning his career in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, in 1949, Halprin often collaborated with a local circle of modernist architects on relatively modest projects.

    • July 1, 1916
    • Lawrence Halprin & Associates
  2. Learn about the life and career of Lawrence Halprin, a prominent landscape architect who designed urban and natural landscapes for over six decades. Discover his awards, publications, and examples of his work, such as Sea Ranch, Lovejoy Plaza, FDR Memorial, and Yosemite Falls Corridor.

  3. Learn about the life and legacy of Lawrence Halprin, one of the world's leading landscape architects and environmental planners, who designed innovative and ecologically sensitive projects from urban to natural settings. Explore his career highlights, such as The Sea Ranch, The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, and the Haas Promenade, and his contributions to the design process and community participation.

  4. The Drawings of Lawrence Halprin. “It doesn’t matter what I’m drawing as long as it touches me or excites me or informs me, or something, I tend to draw it.”.

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    Learn about Lawrence Halprin, a visionary designer who created innovative and socially engaged landscapes across the US. Explore his biography, projects, awards, and design process known as the RSVP Cycles.

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  6. Learn about the life and work of Lawrence Halprin, a pioneer of landscape architecture who integrated art, ecology, and social activism into his designs. Explore his projects, awards, and influences on the landscape movement and culture.

  7. History — The Drawings of Lawrence Halprin. Halprin’s almost daily practice of drawing acted as a means to not only record his diverse visual experiences, but also as a tool to engage with the trials and tribulations of war, the ecstasies of life, and the rawness and beauty of nature.