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  1. Vor einem Tag · Dorsey, redux. In October 2015, Jack Dorsey returned as CEO. Twitter had continued to grow in popularity, but it had still not become profitable, so the company added other features in an effort to increase user interaction.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  2. Vor 3 Tagen · Just over a year after the Accra office was opened, Musk, who acquired the company for $44 billion in October 2022, fired nearly all of the African team as part of sweeping cuts — eliminating a ...

  3. r/vinyl • 6 min. ago mcanever This '66 Lee Dorsey record I got in Italy, from a store in Beirut Record I picked this record from a huge pile of crappy records in an antiques market in Italy, for 3€, just because Holy Cow on the cover was enough to spark my interest. Aaand I must admit, I have an addiction to records from the 60s.

  4. Vor 2 Tagen · It’s interesting to note that The Troggs’ version of The Kitty Cat Song is actually a cover of Lee Dorsey’s 1965 pop single. The original was titled “Ride Your Pony / The Kitty Cat Song” and released on the Amy label. The Troggs added their own touch to the song, infusing it with their unique sound and style.

  5. Vor einem Tag · Se sumaron «You Can’t Catch Me»; «Ya Ya» de Lee Dorsey; y «Angel Baby» de Rosie and the Originals. Esta última terminó como un corte extra en la reedición de 2004 de «Rock ‘N’ Roll». Una colección de melodías de los años 50 y 60 que eran una parte preciada de su pasado.

  6. Vor einem Tag · Assuming the Chiefs don’t tag him for a massive $31 million cap hit, Jones will be the top free agent on the market. And, excluding a return to Kansas City (which he loudly proclaimed he prefers ...