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  1. THE METHOD. Lee Strasberg often described Method Acting as what all actors have always done whenever they acted well. What Lee Strasberg meant was not that The Method™ had always been around, but rather, The Method came into being as a way of giving an actor the means to achieve the type of results that had moved and captivated audiences ...

  2. The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute offers scholarships for aspiring actors with great passion and potential for a career in the performing arts.

  3. Learn more about the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute by taking a look at our frequently asked questions. Apply to the Lee Strasberg Institute now!

  4. The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute represents the culmination of Lee’s development as a director, teacher, and pioneer in actor training. As a result, The Institute teaches what Lee Strasberg considered to be a comprehensive approach to solving the actor’s fundamental problems.

  5. Kurze Zeit später wurde er US-amerikanischer Staatsbürger. 1948 übernahm Strasberg als Intendant die künstlerische Leitung des New Yorker Actors Studio, die er bis zu seinem Tod innehatte. 1969 wurde das Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (zusammen mit Jack Garfein mit Niederlassungen in New York und Los Angeles) gegründet ...

  6. International student are welome at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. We provide the I-20 Certificate for the F-1 student visa. View the application process here.

  7. The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute strives to provide a diverse selection of course offerings to support the development of a well rounded actor. Courses are added in a variety of areas to support the evolving demands of the industry and the needs of actors.