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  1. Liverpool 1: Created by Simon Burke, Anya Camilleri. With Mark Womack, Samantha Womack, Tom Georgeson, Katy Carmichael. Tensions run high in this gritty police drama set in the heart of Liverpool's underworld.

  2. Liverpool 1 is a British television drama series centred on the work of a fictional Merseyside Police vice squad. Produced by Lime Street Productions for ITV, it starred Samantha Janus and Mark Womack and ran for two series from 7 September 1998 and 25 October 1999.

  3. Inhalt & Info. Police in the heart of Liverpool are frustrated by the complex loyalties and blood-ties that are laced through the criminal network. Detectives Isobel de Pauli and Christian...

  4. In this dark unequal world DC Isobel de Pauli is a stranger - not to crime, but to the ancient, unseen blood connections that pulse in the veins of Liverpool's criminals... and cops. Day to day, on the streets, they're at the sharp end of the fight against the drug pushers, porn barons, paedophiles and pimps who run this great port's crime ...

  5. Liverpool 1 focused on Detective Constable Isobel De Pauli (Samantha Janus), a successful Metropolitan Police detective. Her partner's career move to Liverpool in turn sees De Pauli transferred there. Upon arrival she is partnered with introverted DC Mark Callaghan (Mark Womack), a no-nonsense officer brought up on the streets of the city he ...

  6. 6. Sept. 1998 · This gritty police procedural follows vice-squad detectives Isobel de Pauli and Mark Callaghan as they fight crime and corruption in Liverpool's dangerous underbelly.

  7. Callaghan and Pauli investigate the case of a missing boy, and soon they are hot on the trail of a previously convicted pedophile named George. At first it sounds too easy that George could have done it again, but soon Pauli finds a breakthrough that stuns the team.