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  1. › news › 2022/11/09-lucien-bonaparteLucien Bonaparte - Teller Report

    09.11.2022 · Lucien Bonaparte. Stéphane Bern, surrounded by his historically funny and perfectly informed chroniclers, has fun with History - the big, the small, the average... - and retraces the extraordinary destinies of personalities who could never have crossed paths, for two hours where knowledge and humor go hand in hand. Today, Lucien Bonaparte.

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    Prinz Charles Bonaparte wuchs in Italien auf. Nachdem er seine Cousine, Prinzessin Zénaïde Laetitia Julie Bonaparte, am 29. Juni 1822 in Brüssel geheiratet hatte, zog er in die Vereinigten Staaten. Auf der Reise sammelte Bonaparte Exemplare einer bis dahin unbekannten Sturmschwalbe (Hydrobatidae). In den USA angekommen, präsentierte er ein Referat ...

    Bonaparte heiratete 1822 Zénaïde Laetitia Julie Bonaparte (1801–1854), Tochter von Joseph Bonaparte (1768–1844). Zusammen hatten sie acht Kinder: 1. Joseph Bonaparte (1824–1865) 2. Lucian Bonaparte (1828–1895), Kardinal 3. Julie Bonaparte (1830–1900) 4. Charlotte Bonaparte (1832–1901) 5. Marie Bonaparte (1835–1890) 6. Auguste Bonaparte (1836–1900) ...

    Collected pamphlets.1824–26.
    Additions to the ornithology of the United States.Philadelphia 1825.
    American ornithology or The natural history of birds inhabiting the United States.Mitchell, Philadelphia 1825–33.
    Description of a new species of South American Fringilla.Philadelphia 1825.
    Casanova, A. G.: Carlo Bonaparte.Gangemi, Rom 1999.
    Tyson Stroud, P.: The emperor of nature.Philadelphia 2000.
    • 24. Mai 1803
    • Bonaparte, Charles Lucien Jules Laurent
    • Paris
  2. 14.11.2022 · Lucien Bonaparte is elected to the presidency of the Council of Five Hundred. 1er novembre 1799" >1st November 1799 – Decisive interview with Sieyès, at Lucien's place. – 7 novembre 1799" >7 November 1799 – Napoleon Bonaparte has dinner with Talleyrand.

  3. Bonaparte needed to rid himself of Sieyès and of those republicans who had no desire to hand over the republic to one man, particularly of Moreau and Masséna, his military rivals. The victory of Marengo (14 June 1800) momentarily in the balance, but secured by Desaix and Kellermann , offered a further opportunity to his ambition by increasing his popularity.

  4. 04.11.2022 · Lucien Bonaparte, Minister of the Interior of the French Consulate, stated that 3 million people voted in the referendum, the real number is estimated to have been 1.5 million.

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  5. 11.11.2022 · For other uses, see Bonaparte (disambiguation). "Prince Napoléon" redirects here. For other uses, see Prince Napoléon (disambiguation). House of Bonaparte. French: Maison Bonaparte Italian and Corsican: Casa di Buonaparte. French ...