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  1. Letizia Bonaparte sided with Lucien and left Paris for Rome, where Pauline already lived as Princess Borghese, and where Letizia Bonaparte stayed with her half-brother, now Cardinal Fesch. 11. On 19 December 1804, Letizia Bonaparte left Rome and took up residence at the Hotel de Brienne, 92 rue Saint Dominique in Paris, a house that she purchased from Lucien for 600,000 francs.

  2. Bildnis der Laetizia Bonaparte; Laetitia; Meldung an den Kommandanten der Reiterdivision über die Fahrt von Madame Lätitia Bonaparte, Mutter Napoleons, mit großem Gefolge in Richtung Schweiz sowie über die Dislocierung der Brigade in Apponay; Letizia Maria Bonaparte geb. Ramolino, Mutter von Napoleon I., in Armsessel mit Kissen aufgestützt ...

  3. Letizia Bonaparte, née Maria-Letizia Ramolino le 24 août 1750 à Ajaccio et morte le 2 février 1836 à Rome, est la mère de Napoléon I er, connue sous son titre de « Madame Mère » [Note 1]. Elle fut au total la mère de sept souverains (un empereur, trois rois, un prince, une reine et une grande-duchesse) et la grand-mère d'un empereur, Napoléon III .

  4. Maria-Letizia Bonaparte (née Ramolino; 24 August 1750 or 1749 – 2 February 1836), known as Letizia Bonaparte, was a Corsican noblewoman and the mother of Napoleon I of France. She received the title "Madame Mère" (French for "Madame Mother") due to her status as the Emperor's mother. In 1764, she married Carlo Buonaparte, and the couple had eight children

  5. Maria Laetitia Ramolino, (možná varianta Letizia) (24. srpna 1750, Ajaccio, Korsika – 2. února 1836, Řím), zvaná Madame Mère, byla matka Napoleona Bonaparte. Život. Ramolinové byl rod, který 250 let sídlil na Korsice a pocházel z lombardského hraběcího rodu Collaltů. Otec Laetitie velel vojenské posádce v Ajacciu a později ...

  6. A humble and devout Italian noblewoman, Maria Letizia Ramolino Bonaparte (1750–1836) was thrust into a life of wealth and title when her son, Napoleon Bonaparte, was crowned Emperor of the French in 1804. Honored with the name "Madam, the Mother of His Imperial Majesty The Emperor," eight of Letizia’s children would ultimately sit on the ...

  7. 2. Feb. 2018 · Napoleon’s mother was born Nobile Maria Letizia Ramolino on 24 August 1750 in Corsica. She was an Italian noble with a sizeable dowry who at the age of 13 married a 17-year-old law student named Carlo Buonaparte. A few months after their marriage, she was pregnant. The couple would ultimately have 13 children, 8 of whom survived infancy, with the fourth child being the famous Napoleon Bonaparte.