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  1. Karriere. Hartley begann ihre Schauspielkarriere in jungen Jahren beim Theater, wo Eva Le Gallienne ihre Mentorin war. Ihre Filmkarriere begann 1962 mit dem Western Sacramento von Sam Peckinpah. 1964 hatte sie eine Nebenrolle in Alfred Hitchcocks Marnie sowie einen Auftritt in der Fernsehserie Twilight Zone.

  2. Mary Loretta Hartley (born June 21, 1940) is an American film and television actress. She is possibly best known for her roles in film as Elsa Knudsen in Sam Peckinpah 's Ride the High Country (1962), Susan Clabon in Alfred Hitchcock 's Marnie (1964), and Betty Lloyd in John Sturges ' Marooned (1969).

    "Escaping My Stalker"
    TV movie
    House on the Hill (aka He's Out to Get ...
    Ellen Snow
    TV movie
    Homeless at 17
    TV movie
    Patricia Clark
    7 episodes
  3. Mariette Hartley is an actress, writer and producer who starred in The Incredible Hulk, Marnie and Our Almost Completely True Story. She is also a suicide prevention activist and a former Polaroid spokesperson.

    • Actress, Writer, Producer
    • June 21, 1940
    • 3 Min.
  4. Learn about the life and career of actress Mariette Hartley, who starred in Polaroid commercials with James Garner and co-founded a suicide prevention foundation. Find out her birth name, family, awards, trivia and more on IMDb.

    • June 21, 1940
  5. 1. Nov. 2011 · Mariette Hartley, who played Zarabeth in TOS episode "All Our Yesterdays", shares her memories of working with Spock, DeForest Kelley and Gene Roddenberry. She also talks about her other roles in TV, film and theater.

  6. Series: TOS. Character (s): Zarabeth. Mariette Hartley is the Emmy Award-winning actress who portrayed Zarabeth in the Star Trek: The Original Series third season episode “All Our Yesterdays”.

  7. Mariette Hartley is an American actress who worked with Bill Bixby on The Incredible Hulk and Goodnight, Beantown. She also appeared in Star Trek, Ride the High Country, Encino Man, and many other movies and TV shows.