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  1. Mary Anne Clarke (* 3. April 1776 als Mary Anne Thompson; † 21. Juni 1852 in Paris) war die Mätresse des Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany und führte, nachdem sie das Vereinigte Königreich verlassen musste, in Paris einen literarischen Salon.

  2. Mary Anne Clarke (born Mary Anne Thompson; 3 April 1776 – 21 June 1852) was the mistress of Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany. Their relationship began in 1803, while he was Commander-in-Chief of the army. Later in 1809, she wrote her memoirs which were published.

  3. In the first quarter of 1809, public attention was distracted from the recent British military humiliation in Spain by the scandal of the alleged involvement of the duke of York, the king’s second son and commander-in-chief of the army, in the sale of commissions by his former mistress, Mrs. Mary Anne Clarke.

  4. From 1803 to 1806, Mary Anne Clarke was mistress of Frederick, Duke of York. Their affair turned into a political scandal when the Duke was charged with corruption for promoting officers from whom Clarke had taken bribes.

  5. In 1809, dressed in a sumptuous light blue gown and carrying a large white muff, Mary Anne Clarke (1776?–1852), the mistress of the Duke of York (the King’s second son and commander in chief of the armed forces), testified before the House of Commons that she had sold army commissions to the highest bidders in order to decorate the large ...

  6. 17. Aug. 2012 · […] was a bunch of stuff on the wall about Mary Anne Clarke, courtesan and mistress of Frederick, Duke of York and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

  7. Mary Anne Clarke. Mistress of Prince Frederick, Duke of York. Born in Ball and Pin Alley, White's Alley, Chancery Lane as Mary Anne Thompson, she married Clarke, a stonemason who became bankrupt.