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    Learn to Challenge Common Misconceptions Surrounding AI in this Online Course From MIT. Learn to Embrace AI as Part of a Transformative Toolkit in this 6-Week Online Course.


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  1. Vor 8 Stunden · Built on a decade of research and development, SuperLimbs have been applied in various industries, including aircraft manufacturing and shipbuilding. This latest adaptation could alleviate the physical burden of spacesuits and improve astronauts’ efficiency on the moon—and potentially, in future Mars missions.

  2. Vor 8 Stunden · Pflanzen melden Angriffe von Fraßfeinden. Sonntag, 19. Mai 2024. Raupe der Kohleule auf einem Pak-Choi-Blatt. Zwei Sensoren aus mikroskopisch kleinen Kohlenstoffröhrchen, angebracht auf den Blättern einer Pflanze, geben ein Signal ab, wenn schädliche Fressfeinde angreifen. Das Alarmsystem hat ein Team um Michael Strano vom Massachusetts ...

  3. Vor einem Tag · The George Washington University ( GW or GWU) is a private federally-chartered research university in Washington, D.C. Originally named Columbian College, it was chartered in 1821 as Washington, D.C.'s first university by the United States Congress. GW is one of nation's six federally chartered universities.

  4. Vor einem Tag · Haredi Judaism (Hebrew: יהדות חֲרֵדִית Yahadut Ḥaredit, IPA:; also spelled Charedi in English; plural Haredim or Charedim) consists of groups within Orthodox Judaism that are characterized by their strict interpretation of religious sources and their accepted halakha (Jewish law) and traditions, in opposition to more accommodating or modern values and practices.

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