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  1. 17. Juni 2023 · Mathilde Bonaparte (1820-1904) was the daughter of Jerome Bonaparte, the youngest of Napoleon‘s brothers and former King of Westphalia, and his second wife, Katharina of Württemberg. The princess was born in Trieste and was educated in Rome and Florence, where her parents were in exile after Napoleon’s defeat.

  2. The ring sold at auction in 2012 for more than $15,700,000, without any mention of the diamond's royal provenance. It was only when the diamond traded again at auction in 2015 in Geneva that it was identified as originally belonging to Princess Mathilde. In this most recent sale, the diamond was offered as 'The Historic Pink' at a slightly ...

  3. 1820-1904. Biography. Daughter of Napoleon's brother Jérôme Bonaparte and his second wife Catharina of Württemberg (qq.v.). In 1840 she married Anatoly Nikolaievich Demidov (q.v.), but the two separated in particularly acrimonious circumstances in 1847. Mathilde spent most of her life in Paris, holding a Salon during the Second Empire ...

  4. Mathilde Bonaparte. Mathilde Laetitia Wilhelmine Bonaparte ( 27 mai 1820 – 2 ianuarie 1904 ), a fost prințesă franceză. A fost fiica fratelui lui Napoleon I, Jérôme Bonaparte, și a celei de-a doua soții a acestuia, Catharina de Württemberg, fiica regelui Frederic I de Württemberg .

  5. Prinzessin Mathilde, die Tochter von Jerome Bonaparte, dem jüngsten Bruder Napoleons und Prinzessin Katharina von Württemberg, war nachdem ihre Ehe mit dem russischen Fürsten Demidoff di San Donato gescheitert war, 1845 von St Petersburg nach Paris umgezogen. Die kunstbegeisterte Prinzessin führte in Paris bald einen Salon in dem Gelehrte, Politiker und Künstler verkehrten.

  6. Mathilde-Loetitia-Wilhelmine-Bonaparte, born in Trieste in 1820, was the first child of Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Emperor Napoleon I, who through the international legiti-mization of his family, had married Princess Catherine of Wurttemberg. Until the fall of the Empire, Jer6me, king of Westphalia, ruled over

  7. Mathilde Bonaparte (1820-1904) was a free woman. Daughter of Jerome, granddaughter of Charles and Laetitia, she was the proud niece of Napoleon I, whom she could have known and whose memory she venerated. Through her mother, Catherine of Württemberg, she was also the niece of the Russian tsar and cousin to all European monarchies.