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  1. The 1980 Summer Olympics (Russian: Летние Олимпийские игры 1980, romanized: Letnije Olimpijskije igry 1980), officially known as the Games of the XXII Olympiad (Russian: Игры XXII Олимпиады, romanized: Igry XXII Olimpiady) and commonly known as Moscow 1980 (Russian: Москва 1980, romanized ...

  2. 19. Apr. 2024 · Moscow 1980 Olympic Games, athletic festival held in Moscow that took place July 19–August 3, 1980. The Moscow Games were the 19th occurrence of the modern Olympic Games. The Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 led to the largest boycott in the history of the Olympic movement.

  3. 19. Juli 1980 · Relive the moments that went down in history at the 1980 summer Olympics in Moscow. Access official videos, results, galleries, sport and athletes.

  4. 18. Juli 2020 · Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the XXII Olympiad, in Moscow in 1980. 3 min 18 July 2020 23:44 GMT-7. (IOC) The first Games to be held behind the Iron Curtain in a socialist country, they were attended by 5,179 athletes (1,115 women and 4,064 men), from 80 National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

  5. 19. Juli 2020 · Forty years ago today, the most politically charged Olympics of modern times began when the distinctive chimes of the Kremlin were relayed to the Lenin Stadium by loudspeaker.

  6. 1. Aug. 2008 · The Games of the XXII Olympiad, from Moscow, USSR. These Games are best known as the ones boycotted by the United States and more than sixty other nations.

  7. The 1980 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXII Olympiad, were an international multi-sport event held in Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union from 19 July to 3 August. A total of 5,179 athletes representing 80 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) participated in 203 events in 22 sports. [1]