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  1. In mourning, a person deals with the grief of losing of a specific love object, and this process takes place in the conscious mind. In melancholia, a person grieves for a loss they are unable to fully comprehend or identify, and thus this process takes place in the unconscious mind.

    • Germany
    • Trauer und Melancholie
  2. In mourning we found that the inhibition and loss of interest are fully accounted for by the work of mourning in which the ego is absorbed. In melancholia, the unknown loss will result in a similar internal work and will therefore be responsible for the melancholic inhibition. The difference is that the inhibition.

  3. The Psychoanalysis Unit at UCL explores the psychological legacies of loss and trauma in Freud's original essay on melancholia, written in 1917, when he was faced with the loss of his daughter and the influenza pandemic. The essay explores the role of art, identification, and the unconscious in coping with loss and trauma.

  4. 30. Dez. 2016 · Sigmund Freud’s “Mourning and Melancholia” (“Trauer und Melancholie”) was published one-hundred years ago, but this seminal essay continues to guide clinical psychiatrists in the distinction...

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