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  1. 0.1%. *Chance of Winning Tournament (I'm not really happy with how this math works out as it favors the #1 seed too much in my opinion) Initial scores are an estimate of how many votes a character probably would have received during the elimination round based on previous contests. Right now, the initial score for the #1 seed is 401.27.

  2. 71K subscribers in the GenX community. Generation X was born, by broadest definition, between 1961 and 1981, the greatest anti-child cycle in modern…

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    26. Jan. 2023 · May you continue to stay cancer free for as long as you live. Very happy for you

  4. 23. Jan. 2023 · 1 - Go to the BepInEx site:  2 - Click at the latest Artifacts number (must be at least #665 or higher) 3 - Click the blue button to download the version: BepInEx Unity (Mono) for Windows (x64) games 4 - Extract the zip to the game directory 5 - Run the game once to generate all files

  5. 25. Jan. 2023 · Notorious VFT @ChunLisa · 11h. Replying to @ChrisJBattaglia. Yeah. 2 x 10 min levels and 1 x 20 min levels. 1. 1. Christopher Battaglia @ChrisJBattaglia · 9h. Replying to @ChunLisa. 10min lvls is fast. Do you see more hands/min at that ...

  6. 25. Jan. 2023 · @HillbillyHighl1 I haven’t had that one yet; not even sure I can get it here. I love a good stout, But Belhaven Scottish Ale used to be my favorite. 1 1 Hillbilly Highlander @HillbillyHighl1 · 18h Replying to @gypsomnium Where are you? I've found a place that delivers all over the UK. 1 Show replies

  7. 28. Jan. 2023 · Read Marry My Husband Chapter 1 - Her best friend and her husband cheated on her. If that were not enough, he killed her, his terminally ill wife. Ji Won, who died like that, miraculously returned to ten years earlier. In order to change her future,