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    The Nazi Party grew significantly during 1921 and 1922, partly through Hitler's oratorical skills, partly through the SA's appeal to unemployed young men, and partly because there was a backlash against socialist and liberal politics in Bavaria as Germany's economic problems deepened and the weakness of the Weimar regime became apparent. The ...

  2. The National Socialist German Workers' Party (German ; Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated NSDAP), also known as the Nazi Party, was a German political party. It was started in 1920 from the German Workers' Party ( German : Deutsche Arbeiterpartei , DAP ), [4] which would later be renamed the NSDAP.

  3. Early Nazi Party titles. The early titles used by the Nazi Party were far removed from their late 1930s and World War II counterparts. Between 1921 and 1923, considered the earliest time period that the Nazi Party existed, there were no titles or ranks used by the regular Nazi Party members although several members choose to wear World War I uniforms at party meetings.

  4. El Partido Nazi Estadounidense (PNE, en inglés ANP o American Nazi Party) es un partido político estadounidense fundado por el excomandante de la Armada de Estados Unidos George Lincoln Rockwell, con el objetivo de revivir el nacionalsocialismo en ese país, quien además estableció su sede en Arlington, Virginia.