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  1. The Nazi party rally grounds (German: Reichsparteitagsgelände, literally: Reich Party Congress Grounds) covered about 11 square kilometres in the southeast of Nuremberg, Germany.

  2. Anton Drexler – A founder and Chairman of the German Workers' Party, the precursor to the Nazi Party. He was a co-author of the National Socialist Program and Chairman of the Nazi Party from February 1920 to July 1921 when he was succeeded by Adolf Hitler. E. Irmfried Eberl – Commandant of Treblinka extermination camp, July to September 1942.

  3. Beginning in 1925, some members of higher levels of the German nobility joined the Nazi Party, registered by their title, date of birth, NSDAP Party registration number, and date of joining the Nazi Party, from the registration of their first prince (Ernst) into NSDAP in 1928, until the end of World War II in 1945.

  4. The American Nazi Party (ANP) is an American far-right and neo-Nazi political party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell and headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.The organization was originally named the World Union of Free Enterprise National Socialists (WUFENS), a name to denote opposition to state ownership of property, the same year - it was renamed the American Nazi Party in order to ...

  5. Early Nazi Party titles. The early titles used by the Nazi Party were far removed from their late 1930s and World War II counterparts. Between 1921 and 1923, considered the earliest time period that the Nazi Party existed, there were no titles or ranks used by the regular Nazi Party members although several members choose to wear World War I uniforms at party meetings.

  6. Intellectuals and army officers were invited to Germany as guests of the Nazi party, and antisemitic material was published in the newspapers. The German embassy purchased the newspaper al-Alam al-Arabi ("The Arab World") which published antisemitic, anti-British, and pro-Nazi propaganda, including a serialized translation of Hitler's Mein Kampf in Arabic .

  7. The Nazi Party/Foreign Organization was a branch of the Nazi Party and the 43rd and only non-territorial Gau ("region") of the Party. In German, the organization is referred to as NSDAP/AO , "AO" being the abbreviation of the German compound word Auslands-Organisation ("Foreign Organization").