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  1. C19905-28A, President Reagan, Nancy Reagan, and Neil Reagan outside the Reagan Boyhood Home in Dixon, Illinois. 2/6/84. C23475-11A, The Reagan Family at Patti Davis's wedding to Paul Grilley at the Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles, California. 8/14/84. C25973-7 ...

  2. Find a Grave Memorial ID: 8893588. Source citation. Actor. The brother of the late actor and President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, he was born John Neil Reagan. A native of Tampico, Illinois, he was affectionately known as 'Moon' because of his likeness to the Moon Mullins fooball comic strip. His film credits include, Tugboat Annie ...

  3. Nelle Clyde Wilson Reagan (July 24, 1883 – July 25, 1962) was the mother of 40th United States President Ronald Reagan (1911–2004) and his older brother Neil Reagan (1908–1996).

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    Neil Reagen 1908 yılında ABD'nin Illinois eyaletine bağlı Tampico şehrinde Katolik bir ailede doğmuştur. 1933 yılında Euroc College'dan mezun olmuştur. Tugboat Annie Sails Again (1940) ve Doughboys in Ireland (1943) gibi filmlerde yardımcı rollerde oynamıştır. Hem Hollywood hem de Los Angeles reklam kulüplerinin ...

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    Reagan No, I will have to explain, which also sort of gives you a picture of the two Reagans when they were young, but sort of apart. The Rock River, a fairly sizable river, runs right through the center of Dixon, Illinois, so that the town is split into what has always been known as the north side and the south side.

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    Neil, as I came in, you were talking to me about someone that passed away in Ron's early childhood and this might be a good way to start, because you mentioned that he had an influence on Ron. Could you tell me that again? Reagan Well, I got a phone call this morning, not on this particular subject,