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  1. 5. Juli 2024 · The New School, private coeducational institution of higher learning in New York, New York, U.S. The New School for Social Research was established in 1919 as an informal centre for adult education by a group of independent-minded scholars that included economist Thorstein Veblen, historian Charles.

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  2. 27. Juni 2024 · Social Research: An International Quarterly is a quarterly academic journal of the social sciences, published by The New School for Social Research, the graduate social science division of The New School.

  3. 24. Juni 2024 · Our programs are guided by focused research questions connected to the areas of the Human Condition in the 21st Century, the Future of Democracy, and Socio-economic Transformation.

  4. 20. Juni 2024 · This research guide is for graduate SCE students doing thesis research.

  5. 18. Juni 2024 · GenderWatch enhances gender and women's studies, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) research by providing authoritative perspectives from 1970 to present.

  6. 1. Juli 2024 · As the world’s largest academic social science survey and research organization, the Institute for Social Research (ISR) is a leader in developing and applying new social science methods and is committed to educating the next generation of social scientists.

  7. 20. Juni 2024 · The Institute for Critical Social Inquiry will open part of its programming to the public – a series of lectures taught by this Summer's faculty cohort of David Harvey (CUNY), Susan Buck-Morss (CUNY), and Fred Moten (NYU).