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  1. Das Nippert Stadium ist ein College-Football-Stadion in der US-amerikanischen Stadt Cincinnati im Bundesstaat Ohio. Es befindet sich auf dem Campus der University of Cincinnati. Es wird hauptsächlich vom NCAA-College-Football-Team der Cincinnati Bearcats genutzt, zudem trug das Fußball-Franchise des FC Cincinnati aus der Major ...

  2. James Gamble Nippert Memorial Stadium is an outdoor stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. Primarily used for American football, it is the home field of the Cincinnati Bearcats football team.

  3. Carson Field at Nippert Stadium has been the venerable home of the University of Cincinnati football team since 1901 and provides the Bearcats with one of the best home-field environments in college football. The third-oldest NCAA FBS stadium entered a new era in 2015 following the completion of a 20-month, $86-millon, privately funded ...

  4. 21. Okt. 2017 · 1. IT'S REALLY FREAKING OLD. Completed in 1924, the stadium is the sixth oldest stadium in college football, behind only those of Harvard, Georgia Tech, Princeton, Yale, and Cornell. 2. IT WAS BUILT ON A LAGOON. The original 1895 plans called for an athletic field to be built in Burnet Woods because the land where Nippert now sits was a lagoon.

  5. Nippert Stadium Information. Nippert Stadium is an outdoor stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is located on the campus of the University of Cincinnati and is the home of Cincinnati Bearcats football team since its opening in 1901. Despite being use primarily as a football stadium, it also hosts soccer and serves as the home of FC Cincinnati of ...

  6. Historic James Gamble Nippert Memorial Stadium has been home to Cincinnati Bearcats football for more than a century. It’s named for Jimmy Nippert, a center on the 1923 team who died after complications from an injury suffered during a game against ancient enemy Miami (OH). The tragedy birthed a stadium.

  7. 13. Juni 2017 · Welcome to Nippert Stadium, home of Cincinnati football since 1901. We hope you have an enjoyable visit regardless of whether this is your first trip to our historic stadium, or you’ve been attending games for years. Use this A-to-Z guide to answer many of the questions you may have about a game day at UC.