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    Vor 3 Tagen · Die Hauptstadt Ohios ist Columbus; weitere Großstädte sind Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron und Dayton. Der Bundesstaat hat eine Fläche von 116.096 km² (im Vergleich der Bundesstaaten an 34. Stelle) und rund 11,8 Millionen Einwohner. Im Jahr 1803 wurde Ohio als 17. Staat in die Vereinigten Staaten aufgenommen.

    • Cincinnati

      Cincinnati [ˌsɪnsɪˈnætɪ] (deutschsprachig veraltet...

    • Columbus

      Nationwide Arena Ohio Statehouse. Columbus ist die...

    • Cleveland

      Cleveland [ˈkliːvlənd] (bis 1831 Cleaveland) ist eine Stadt...

  2. › wiki › OhioOhio - Wikipedia

    Vor 2 Tagen · Ohio ( / oʊˈhaɪoʊ / i) is a state in the Midwestern United States. Of the fifty U.S. states, it is the 34th-largest by area. With a population of nearly 11.8 million, Ohio is the seventh-most populous and tenth-most densely populated state. Its capital and largest city is Columbus, with other large population centers including Cleveland ...

    • 44,825 sq mi (116,096 km²)
    • 10 Republicans, 5 Democrats (list)
    • United States
  3. Vor 3 Tagen · Profiles of Ohio: history, statistics, demographics for all 1,339 populated places in Ohio, with detailed state and government histories, plus comparative statistics & rankings. (6th ed. Grey House Publishing, 2021). 828pp ISBN 1642658278 ; covers 88 counties, 248 cities and 689 villages.

  4. Vor 5 Tagen · Unsourced material may be challenged or removed. O., Oh. Ohio (nicknamed The Buckeye State) is one of the 50 states in the United States. Its capital is Columbus. Columbus is also the largest city in Ohio. Other large cities in Ohio are Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron, Toledo, and Youngstown .

    • March 1, 1803 (17th, declared retroactively on, August 7, 1953)
    • Cleveland, Greater Columbus, (see footnotes)
    • United States
  5. Vor 2 Tagen · Ohio, constituent state of the U.S. It is bordered by Lake Erie and Michigan to the north, Pennsylvania to the east, West Virginia and Kentucky to the south, and Indiana to the west. Ohio ranks 34th in terms of total area among the 50 states, and it is one of the smallest states west of the Appalachian Mountains.

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    Vor 2 Tagen · In 2022, Akron resident Jayland Walkerwas killed by police after shooting at them while fleeing, sparking days of protest and the institution of a police review board. Geography[edit] Akron is located in the Great Lakes regionabout 39 miles (63 km) south of Lake Erie, on the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau.