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  1. Pavel "Pasha" Kovalev (Russian: Па́вел "Па́ша" Ковалёв; born 19 January 1980) is a Russian professional Latin and ballroom dancer. Kovalev started dancing at the age of eight, and in 2001, moved to the United States with his professional dance partner Anya Garnis.

    • 2
    • 2001–present
    • 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
  2. Pasha Kovalev (russisch Павел Ковалёв, Pawel Kowaljow; * 19. Januar 1980 ) ist ein russischer professioneller Latein - Tänzer . Er lebt in Großbritannien und wurde als regelmäßiger Teilnehmer an der BBC -Produktion Strictly Come Dancing bekannt.

    • Kowaljow, Pawel (russisch, transkribiert); Ковалёв, Павел (russisch)
    • russischer Latein-Tänzer
    • 19. Januar 1980
    • Kovalev, Pasha
  3. 24. Juli 2023 · Rachel Riley, the TV presenter and mathematician, has opened up about her relationship with Pasha Kovalev, the ex-Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer. She said they have been married since 2019 and have two young children, but their schedules are often busy and they have a rare date night. She denied the "Strictly curse" did not contribute to her previous marriage.

    • 48 Sek.
    • Kate Ng
  4. 31. Juli 2023 · Rachel Riley left at home with two children as husband Pasha Kovalev moves out - all for good reason Countdown star Rachel Riley is parenting solo as Pasha Kovalev is away for work 31 Jul 2023

  5. 3. März 2022 · The Strictly Come Dancing star has expressed his sadness over Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which hits too close to home as a Russian national. He has also announced that his show will donate funds to Save The Children charity and co-created Rise Up With the Arts with Anya Garni.