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  1. Patricia Smith Churchland (* 16. Juli 1943 in Oliver, British Columbia) ist eine kanadische Philosophin. Sie arbeitet überwiegend in den Bereichen Philosophie des Geistes und Neurophilosophie. Ein weiteres Forschungsgebiet ist die Neuroethik .

  2. For decades, Patricia Churchland has contributed to the fields of philosophy of neuroscience, philosophy of the mind and neuroethics. Her research has centered on the interface between neuroscience and philosophy with a current focus on the association of morality and the social brain.

  3. Patricia Smith Churchland (born 16 July 1943) is a Canadian-American analytic philosopher noted for her contributions to neurophilosophy and the philosophy of mind. She is UC President's Professor of Philosophy Emerita at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where she has taught since 1984.

  4. 8. Juli 2019 · Neurophilosopher Patricia Churchland argues that our conscience and political attitudes are rooted in our evolutionary history and brain chemistry. She explains her theory and responds to critics in this Vox interview.

    • Sigal Samuel
  5. 17. Juli 2013 · Patricia Churchland. W. W. Norton: 2013. 9780393058321 | ISBN: 978-0-3930-5832-1. Patricia Churchland is the doyenne of neurophilosophers. She believes, as I do, that to understand the...

    • Chris Frith
    • 2013
  6. 1. Jan. 2014 · Paul Churchland (born on 21 October 1942 in Vancouver, Canada) and Patricia Smith Churchland (born on 16 July 1943 in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada) are Canadian-American philosophers whose work has focused on integrating the disciplines of philosophy of mind and...

  7. 28. Mai 2019 · A book review by Nicholas A. Christakis of the philosopher Patricia Churchland's argument that conscience is a neurobiological capacity for internalizing social norms. The review praises the book's exploration of the evolutionary and neuroscientific foundations of morality, and criticizes its critique of moral philosophy.