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  1. Explore the multifaceted expertise of Yin yoga founder Paulie Zink. Learn about his mastery of yoga, animal movement, Chi Kung, and martial arts.

  2. › wiki › Paulie_ZinkPaulie Zink - Wikipedia

    Paulie Zink. Paulie Zink is an American martial arts champion, Daoyin teacher and well known practitioner of Monkey Kung Fu. He founded Yin yoga which is also known as Yin and Yang Yoga.

  3. Discover the extraordinary journey of Paulie Zink, the renowned international martial arts grandchampion and the visionary behind Yin Yoga.

  4. Yin Yoga Founder. @YinYogaFounder. •. 3.51K subscribers • 42 videos. Paulie Zink is the founding master of Yin Yoga. (Paul Grilley learned Yin yoga from Master Zink.) Paulie received intensive...

  5. Whereas Paulie Zinks complete art of Yin yoga is about bringing forth your primal spirit. It focuses on increasing fluidity and strength in movement. This is achieved by awakening your body and mind to the energetics of the postures you are holding. Flexibility is developed by growing into postures and activating the alchemical elements of ...

  6. › wiki › Yin_YogaYin Yoga – Wikipedia

    Yin Yoga wurde Mitte der 1980er Jahre von Paulie Zink aus einer Synthese von Hatha Yoga und Tao Yoga entwickelt. Sein Schüler Paul Grilley und dessen Schülerin Sarah Powers entwickelten den Stil weiter.

  7. › masterpauliezinkPaulie Zink - YouTube

    Master Paulie Zink was the sole protege of Kung Fu Master Cho Chat Ling from Hong Kong. Paulie was privately trained by Master Ling for 10 years in the arts of Monkey, Pek Kwar, and Tei Tong...