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  1. 10. Apr. 2024 · Napoleon Bonaparte, als Kaiser Napoleon I. (französisch Napoléon Bonaparte bzw. Napoléon I er; * 15. August 1769 in Ajaccio auf Korsika als Napoleone Buonaparte; † 5. Mai 1821 in Longwood House auf St. Helena im Südatlantik), war General der Ersten Republik, Erster Konsul Frankreichs und schließlich Kaiser der Franzosen.

  2. Vor 2 Tagen · Paolina Bonaparte, sorella di Napoleone era la più amata dall'Imperatore. Fu l'unica della famiglia che non pretese troni, onori e ricchezze e anche per ques...

  3. Vor 5 Tagen · Napoléon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821), was a military and political leader of France and Emperor of the French as Napoleon I, whose actions shaped European politics in the early 19th century. Read more (Wikipedia): Napoleon I of France (English), [201 languages]

  4. Vor 5 Tagen · One of the last chapters in the book (pp. 175–99), covering the period between Napoleons first abdication (1814) and his death while in exile on St Helena (1821), roughly coincides with a period of radicalism and protest against state corruption in Britain.

  5. Vor 3 Tagen · Sunday, April 14, 2024. But was he... Fred? - photographs by Horst. *. Some of the titles of the photographs in this series refer to the subject as merely a "handsome blond man," while others are specifically titled "portrait of Fred." They are also variously dated, from a firm 1932 to a vague "circa 1940."

  6. Vor 6 Tagen · In der neuen Dis­ney+ Serie „Pauline“ gerät die titel­gebende Pro­tag­o­nistin nach einem One-Night-Stand mit dem Sohn des Teufels zwis­chen die Fron­ten von Him­mel und Hölle – und erhält über­natür­liche Kräfte. Details zum Start, Cast und Team hin­ter der Kam­era sowie die Hand­lung der deutschen Com­ing ...

  7. Vor 2 Tagen · Complete Classic Movie: Napoleon (2023) Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby. An epic that details the checkered rise and fall of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his relentless journey to power through the prism of his addictive, volatile relationship with his wife, Josephine. Click here to watch Napoleon.