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  1. Peter Glotz (1939–2005) SPD Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit: Erhard Eppler (1926–2019) (bis 8. Juli 1974) SPD Alwin Brück (1931–2020) SPD Egon Bahr (1922–2015) (ab 8. Juli 1974) SPD Veränderungen. In der Kabinettssitzung vom 4. J ...

  2. Marie-Françoise Glotz Vice President of Sales Our sales reps love Showpad. They can quickly bring together polished, professional presentations, online or offline. With Showpad, they know they are using the right content, and the right messaging, ever ...

  3. › wiki › CrinolineCrinoline - Wikipedia

    The crinoline was not the first garment designed to support the wearer's skirts in a fashionable shape. Whilst the bell-shaped skirts seen on statuettes from the ancient Minoan civilization are often compared to crinolines, particularly under the assumption that hoops were required to retain their shape, there is no evidence to confirm this and the theory is usually dismissed.