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  1. This great song was released in 1964 and made number 1 in the U.S and number 2 here in the UK.

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  2. 20.08.2022 · Petula Clark Net Worth. Petula Clark has had a very successful career as a singer, actress, and composer. With blockbuster songs like Downtown, the Little Shoemaker, Romeo, Sailor in her kitty, she has been able to ace the Music Industry and has made an overall sale of 68 million copies of her songs. She has earned a substantial sum from her ...

  3. Petula Clark Geboren am 15. 11. 1932 in Epsom - Surrey (England). Stand schon 1939 auf Theaterbühnen, gastierte ab 17.10.1942 in Rundfunksendungen und spielte 1944 erstmals in einem Kinofilm ('Medal For The General') mit. Vierjahre später nahm Petula Clark ihre erste Schellack-Platte “Walking Backwards' auf.

  4. 17.11.2022 · Petula Clark wird am 15. November 90 Jahre alt. "Down Town" is one of those songs that everyone knows who listened to music before 1990. Petula Clark landed a world hit with it and "only" made it to number two in her homeland Great Britain, of all places. But the blonde with the huge voice had long been a star in the United Kingdom at that time.

  5. Petula Clark was around 22 years old when her first singled charted. Petula Clark first charted in 1954. Her last appearance in the charts was 1967. She had chart topping singles covering a span of 14 years. See if Petula made the list of most famous people with first name Petula . Downtown 27 1965 Brazil 5 1965 Pop 1965 Monsieur 17 1963 Pop 1963

  6. 22.02.2022 · PETULA CLARK first found fame as a child entertainer during the Second World War. Since then she has had success as a singer with hits like Downtown and appeared in multiple films like Goodbye Mr...

  7. 15.11.2022 · Ihre ersten Radioauftritte hat Petula Clark als Kinderstar während des Zweiten Weltkriegs. Mehr als sieben Dekaden bleibt sie anschließend erfolgreich. Das liegt zum einen an frühen Hits wie The Little Shoemaker und Sailor; zum anderen gelingt ihr ab 1964 mit Nummern wie I Know A Place und This Is My Song der große Durchbruch in den USA.

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