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  1. The album also includes a live session with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, an alternate mix of which appears on Lennon and Ono's Some Time in New York City (1972). Track listing [ edit ] All tracks written, composed and arranged by Frank Zappa, except where noted.

    • Frank Zappa
    • October 27, 1992
    • September 1970 – December 10, 1971
  2. Playground Psychotics. John Lennon: vocals, guitar. Yoko Ono: vocals. Frank Zappa: guitar, vocals. Ian Underwood: woodwinds, keyboards, vocals. Aynsley Dunbar: drums. Howard Kaylan: vocals. Mark Volman: vocals. Jim Pons: bass, vocals. Bob Harris: keyboards, vocals. Don Preston: Mini-Moog. Read More.

  3. 9. Aug. 2010 · The Fillmore East encore was also released by Zappa on a 1992 compilation, Playground Psychotics, with a new mix. Curiously, ‘Jamrag’ was split into two songs, titled ‘Say Please’ and ‘Aaawk’, with no mention of ‘King Kong’.

  4. Zappa was critical of Lennon and Ono's handling of the recordings of the Mothers performance, eventually releasing his own version of the performance on Playground Psychotics (1992). Some Time in New York City was reissued on compact disc in 2005 as a single album, removing several of the Live Jam songs while adding other non-album ...

    • Studio: December 1971 – 20 March 1972, Live: 15 December 1969, 6 June 1971
    • Rock
    • 12 June 1972
    • John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Phil Spector
  5. Eine kuriose Session mit John Lennon und Yoko Ono beendet Disc 1. Diese Session ist nicht identisch mit jener, die sich auf Lennons "Some Time in New York City" befindet. Der Mix wurde umgestellt, so dass, möchte man alles von jenem Abend am 6. Juni 1971 im Fillmore East besitzen, sowohl die Zappa-, als auch die Lennon-Version haben muss ...

  6. And those didn't actually even make it to Playground Psychotics, in fact, what he did was basically took the outtakes of the live Fillmore East recordings with John Lennon and a few other things, "Billy the Mountain", the original version, the 30-35-some-odd minute version, excellent version, with Studebaker Hoch, all of the ramifications of ...

  7. Some parts of Playground Psychotics, that feature John Lennon & Yoko Ono, were also released on John Lennon's album Some Time in New York City in 1972 (20 years before Zappa's release). On Lennon's album (outrageously), "King Kong" was given the fictitious title "Jamrag", and miscredited to Lennon. JWB has straightened out which parts are on ...