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  1. Playhouse 90. Considered by many to be the most ambitious of the anthology dramas to emerge during the "Golden Age of Television," Playhouse 90, according to historian William Boddy, was voted the greatest television series of all time in a 1970 Variety poll of television editors. Appearing Thursday evenings on CBS from 1956 to 1959, the ...

  2. Playhouse 90: Serie von 90-Minütern verschiedener Autoren und Regisseure. Die Drama-Anthologie „Playhouse 90“ gilt als Meilenstein der amerikanischen Fernsehgeschichte.

  3.'s our own episode reviewing this (fine!) program...

    • 77 Min.
    • 13,9K
    • The Goldsmith Odyssey
  4. S1.E12 ∙ The Family Nobody Wanted. Thu, Dec 20, 1956. A true story, it follows a pastor and his wife through forties beginning with one biological child, Donny. But the upheaval of the war years results in a number of mixed raced children that the Doss family adopt until they have 12 children. Rate.

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    Playhouse 90 è una serie televisiva statunitense in 134 episodi trasmessi per la prima volta nel corso di 4 stagioni dal 1956 al 1960 . È una serie di tipo antologico prodotta e trasmessa dalla CBS in cui ogni episodio rappresenta una storia a sé. Gli episodi sono storie di genere vario.

  6. December 12, 1957. Middle-aged actress Victoria Maxwell comes to terms with her destructive lifestyle as she struggles with the lead role in a Broadway-bound play. Matters are complicated by the fact that she is co-starring opposite her estranged husband, Allen Grant, whom she never stopped loving.

  7. 133 x 90 minute episodes. Playhouse 90 was the first weekly ninety-minute dramatic television show. It premiered on the CBS network on 4 October 1956 with Rod Serling’s adaptation of Forbidden Area starring Charlton Heston and Tab Hunter. Undoubtedly its most impressive offering was the second play it mounted: ‘Requiem for a Heavyweight ...