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  1. 26. Mai 2023 · The most representative of the great chemistry between Sinatra and the band arguably came from one of the tracks on this album, which is also one of the most celebrated songs of Sinatra’s whole career – I’ve Got You Under My Skin, and its breathtakingly boastful middle section.

  2. Vor einem Tag · Sinatra's last two albums with Columbia, Dedicated to You and Sing and Dance with Frank Sinatra, were released in 1950. Sinatra would later feature a number of the Sing and Dance with Frank Sinatra album's songs, including "Lover", "It's Only a Paper Moon", "It All Depends on You", on his 1961 Capitol release, Sinatra's Swingin ...

  3. 26. Mai 2023 · The two first collaborated on the studio album Sinatra-Basie, and one can sense the excitement around the project by the album’s subtitle An Historic Musical First. Basie and His Orchestra provide Sinatra with a loose sound that allow him to deliver some of the most rhythmically free vocals of his whole career. The record was ...

  4. 26. Mai 2023 · By the late fifties, Sinatra was unhappy with the lack of artistic freedom he was experiencing at Capitol Records. He decided to take matters into his own hands, by recording his last songs for them in 1961, and after failing to acquire Verve Records, starting his own label named Reprise Records.

  5. 29. Mai 2023 · Label: Columbia | Genre: Jazz. Miles Davis’ On The Corner recently turned 50 and with each decade, its space age funk has only become more influential to generations of jazz, electronic, post-punk and especially hip hop fans and artists. This new release, Turnaround, cherry-picks four stellar cuts from the celebrated expanded ...

  6. 26. Mai 2023 · Growing up, Sinatra had a picture of Crosby hanging on his bedroom wall. He even got to meet his idol backstage in 1935 at a Newark Club, if only very briefly. The two would not meet again for almost a decade, by which time Sinatra had become an overnight sensation and indeed, a contender to the other’s throne.