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  1. The Progressive People's Party (German: Fortschrittliche Volkspartei, FVp) was a social liberal party of the late German Empire. History. It was formed on 6 March 1910 as a merger of Free-minded People's Party, Free-minded Union and German People's Party in order to unify various fragmented liberal groups represented in parliament.

  2. The German People's Party (German: Deutsche Volkspartei, or DVP) was a conservative-liberal political party during the Weimar Republic that was the successor to the National Liberal Party of the German Empire. Along with the left-liberal German Democratic Party (DDP), it represented political liberalism in Germany between 1918 and 1933.

  3. The German Progress Party (German: Deutsche Fortschrittspartei, DFP) was the first modern political party in Germany, founded by liberal members of the Prussian House of Representatives (Abgeordnetenhaus) in 1861 in opposition to Minister President Otto von Bismarck.

  4. The German People's Party (German: Deutsche Volkspartei, DtVP) was a German liberal party created in 1868 by the wing of the German Progress Party which during the conflict about whether the unification of Germany should be led by the Kingdom of Prussia or Austria-Hungary supported Austria.

  5. From the 1890s through the early 20th century, the SPD was Europe's largest Marxist party, and the most popular political party in Germany. During the First World War, the party split between a pro-war mainstream and the anti-war Independent Social Democratic Party, of which some members went on to form the Communist Party of Germany (KPD).

  6. 3) From 1884 onward: German Liberal Party; from 1893 onward: Liberal Peoples Party; as of 1910: incorporated into the Progressive Peoples Party. 4) In Schleswig-Holstein, votes cast for both the Particularists and the Protest Party were here applied to the Danes, provided that no additional data was included in the official statistics.

  7. Peoples Progressive Party ist der Name folgender Parteien: Peoples Progressive Party (Anguilla) Peoples Progressive Party (Gambia) Peoples Progressive Party (Guyana) Peoples Progressive Party (Liberia) Peoples Progressive Party (Malaysia) Peoples Progressive Party (Salomonen) Peoples Progressive Party (Saint Lucia)