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  1. Discover William J. Clinton famous and rare quotes. Share William J. Clinton quotations about country, children and giving. "If you live long enough, you'll make mistakes..."

  2. Enjoy the best William J. Clinton Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by William J. Clinton, American President, Born August 19, 1946. Share with your friends.

  3. 233 quotes from Bill Clinton: 'We all do better when we work together. Our differences do matter, but our common humanity matters more.', 'from Bill Clinton speech- People are more impressed by the power of our example rather than the example of our power...', and 'There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with ...

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    Mr. President, you are not leading this Nation—you're just managing the Government. You don't see the people enough any more. Some of your Cabinet members don't seem loyal. There is not enough disc...

    I feel your pain.
    Now, I don't have all the answers, but I do know the old ways don't work. Trickledown economics has sure failed. And big bureaucracies, both private and public, they've failed too. That's why we ne...
    Every year Congress and the president sign laws that make us do more things and gives us less money to do it with. I see people in my state, middle-class people — their taxes have gone up in Washin...
    Shakespeare wrote, Einstein thought, Atatürk built.
    We are fortunate to be alive at this moment in history.
    You know, if I were a single man, I might ask that mummy out. That's a good-looking mummy.
    Yesterday is yesterday. If we try to recapture it, we will only lose tomorrow.
    History has shown us, that you can't allow the mass extermination of people, and just sit by and watch it happen.
    Let me tell you what the facts are. Now, we had a hard time getting those facts into these debates, because they're so inconvenient for the other side. And I admire that about the Republicans: The...

    Americans have more freedom and broader rights than citizens of almost any other nation in the world, including the capacity to criticize their government and their elected officials. But we do not...

    Today we faced an unprecedented assault on our Capitol, our Constitution, and our country. The assault was fueled by more than four years of poison politics spreading deliberate misinformation, sow...

  5. Bill Clinton presided over the longest history, balancing the federal budget and turning a deficit into a surplus. A gifted politician and an eloquent speaker, Clinton's words gave hope and inspiration to many. Collected here are nearly 100 of his finest quotations. Access-restricted-item.

  6. 14. Juni 2004 · Quotations from William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton (b. 1946) American politician, US President (1993-2001)

  7. 24. Feb. 2011 · William Jefferson Clinton felt that right and wrong in America could eventually balance out. His words on the subject sounded like a proverb to composer Zachary Wadsworth, who set them to...