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  1. Randall Stuart „Randy“ Newman (* 28. November 1943 in Los Angeles) ist ein US-amerikanischer Sänger, Songwriter, Pianist und Komponist. Er ist mehrfacher Oscar - und Grammy -Preisträger. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben 2 Diskografie 2.1 Alben 2.2 Kompilationen 2.3 Singles 2.4 Filmmusik 3 Literatur 4 Weblinks 5 Quellen

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    randynewman .com. Musical artist. Randall Stuart Newman (born November 28, 1943) is an American singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, and pianist known for his non-rhotic Southern-accented singing style, early Americana -influenced songs (often with mordant or satirical lyrics), and various film scores. [5]

  3. 5. Jan. 2023 · Newman’s most controversial song and one he tends not to play live. Hearing the N-word is wince-inducing, but Newman’s target is clear and deserved: not just the proudly bigoted southerner ...

  4. 22. März 2023 · Randy Newman ist ein amerikanischer Sänger, Songwriter und Pianist aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien, der mit sechs Grammy Awards und zwei Oscars ausgezeichnet wurde. Foto: Warner. All rights reserved.

  5. Randy Newman, in full Randall Stuart Newman, (born November 28, 1943, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), American composer, songwriter, singer, and pianist whose character-driven, ironic, and often humorous compositions won him a cult audience and praise from critics but were atypical of the singer-songwriter movement of the 1970s that gave him ...