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  1. 27. Jan. 2023 · At the last count we covered more than 130 worldwide leagues and competitions. As other tipsters have come and gone, we have grown year on year for almost 2 decades, because we provide our fans with the stats and tools they need, we do not spam our fans with hundreds of advertisements like other tipsters do, and our tips are based on the needs of real punters, like ourselves, and not mathematical tips or random picks.

  2. 27. Jan. 2023 · Next Fest: February 2023. 6 February 2023 — 13 February 2023. Monday, 11 days from now. Follow event in Discord.

  3. 27. Jan. 2023 · Dave J Hogan/Getty Images Plenty of directors have a large number of great movies under their belts. But it’s a rare breed of filmmaker who has directed five or more movies without there being a stinker in the bunch. Even those who are known for consistent excellence — Steven Spielberg, ...

  4. Vor 9 Stunden · John T. Barr/Getty Images. Most of the directors on this survey managed to stay off the "rotten" list while also being relatively reserved with their directorial output. Akira Kurosawa, on the ...

  5. 27. Jan. 2023 · Joshua Durand has always lived in someone else's shadow, a side character in someone else's show. His brother was the real hero of the tale, or he was until his 'friends' stabbed him in the back. Now though, he's got a chance to step into the spotlight, as long as he's willing to make a deal...

  6. 26. Jan. 2023 · Which meant that landing shots like that was an impossibility, the Unibeam might be able to get through but that would be considerably more difficult particularly considering the cycle up time of the Unibeam and the fact that being close to level of concussive force that had the equal of more than one ton of TNT wouldn’t exactly be a fun time for him or any civilians as far as the shockwave ...

  7. Vor 10 Stunden · January 14 – Young English singer David Jones changes his last name to Bowie to avoid being confused with Davy Jones of the Monkees. January 17 – Simon & Garfunkel release the album Sounds of Silence in the US. February 2 – The first edition of Go-Set magazine is published in Melbourne, Australia.