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    A raven is any of several larger-bodied passerine bird species in the genus Corvus. These species do not form a single taxonomic group within the genus. There is no consistent distinction between crows and ravens. Names are assigned to different species chiefly based on their size.

  2. Definition, Rechtschreibung, Synonyme und Grammatik von 'raven' ️ Auf Duden online nachschlagen ️ Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache.

  3. › wiki › RavenRaven – Wikipedia

    Raven (Heftroman), Horrorserie von Wolfgang Hohlbein. Raven Software, Spieleentwickler. Raven männlicher Agent, der sexuelle Beziehungen zum Erlangen von Information nutzt, siehe Sexpionage. Raven FAC, US-Kampfpiloten während des Vietnamkrieges in Laos.

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    The common raven (Corvus corax) is a large all-black passerine bird. It is the most widely distributed of all corvids, found across the Northern Hemisphere.

  5. The intriguing Common Raven has accompanied people around the Northern Hemisphere for centuries, following their wagons, sleds, sleighs, and hunting parties in hopes of a quick meal. Ravens are among the smartest of all birds, gaining a reputation for solving ever more complicated problems invented by ever more creative scientists.

  6. 31. Mai 2024 · raven, any of approximately 10 species of heavy-billed dark birds, larger than crows. Closely related, both ravens and crows are species of the genus Corvus. The raven has a heavier bill and shaggier plumage than the crow, especially around the throat.

  7. Common ravens are actually rather remarkable animals. These sleek, black birds are excellent and acrobatic fliers on par with falcons and hawks. Such aerial skills are on display during breeding...

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