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  1. 16.11.2009 · Richard Grenell’s Tweets. Richard Grenell Retweeted. Richard Grenell @RichardGrenell · 54m. Replying to . @ishaantharoor. Lol. Once again, Tharoor is in over his head. The present fascist government in Kosovo has a prime minister who ...

  2. Richard Allen Grenell (born September 18, 1966) is an American political operative, diplomat, TV personality, and public relations consultant who served as Acting Director of National Intelligence in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet in 2020.

  3. 07.07.2022 · Richard Grenell was closely linked to the globalist Humpty Dumpty Institute during his time working at the Bush Administration’s US Mission to the United Nations. A non-profit tied to a laundry list of uni-party establishment members, the Humpty Dumpty Institute has been led by Mark Epstein, the brother of notorious child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. The organization has close ties to the ...

  4. 09.08.2022 · Richard Grenell, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, has sued deep state employee Olivia Troye for defamation, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday in Virginia state court. Troye served as special adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence for homeland security, counterterrorism, and North America from May 2018 to August 2020.

  5. 12.07.2022 · And now, former top spy guy, Richard Grenell is coming out and stating an obvious fact about this controversial story, and he’s also asking why our media isn’t “fact-checking” Joe Biden, who actually repeated this story on national TV.

  6. 21.07.2021 · Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) July 16, 2021. Advertisement - story continues below. The outlook for the 2024 election and the Republican Party in general will depend on Trump’s final decision. Three years is a long time, so it ...

  7. 22.06.2022 · Here’s what Grenell said in a tweet: “They’ve tried to distract you with a war, a fake insurrection on our democracy – and now they are warning of another pandemic. What they really want is to vote by mail – and therefore stay in power. The counter culture is conservative. Wake up.”