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    Rosa Maltoni (married Mussolini; 22 April 1858 – 19 February 1905) was the mother of Italian Fascist founder and leader Benito Mussolini. Personal life

    • Teacher
  2. › wiki › Rosa_MaltoniRosa Maltoni - Wikipedia

    Rosa Maltoni in Mussolini ( San Martino in Strada, 22 aprile 1858 – Predappio, 19 febbraio 1905) è stata un' insegnante italiana, nota per essere stata la madre di Benito Mussolini (1883-1945).

  3. On 25 January 1882, Mussolini married Rosa Maltoni, a schoolteacher and Roman Catholic. [3] . Unlike his wife, Mussolini did not believe in God and hated the Roman Catholic Church. [4] . Maltoni's father looked down upon her decision to marry Mussolini and did not approve of the marriage. [4]

    • Blacksmith
    • Rosa Maltoni (m. 1882; died 1905)
    • Family Man
    • Intellectual
    • Politician and Fascist
    • Bibliography

    The first point to be made about Mussolini as a person is that he was not mad but rather displayed throughout his life many of the assumptions and much of the behavior of ambitious Italians of his era. Unlike Hitler, Mussolini was a "family man." In 1910 he had begun living with Rachele Guidi, seven years his junior and the daughter of his father's...

    In his halcyon days Mussolini had himself aspired to be a man of ideas. The forty-four volumes of his "complete works" include a novel, a history of the Reformation preacher Jan Hus, and an autobiography, penned when he was not yet thirty years old (but exclude plays about Napoleon and Julius Caesar on which he collaborated once installed as dictat...

    During the campaign for Italian intervention in 1914–1915, Mussolini won some prominence because of the dramatic nature of his break with mainstream socialism and the aggression and activism of the first issues of Il Popolo d'Italia. In September 1915, however, he was in his turn conscripted. Although he retained a political profile, wrote a war di...

    Primary Sources

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    Secondary Sources

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  4. 6. Okt. 2016 · At about the same time there arrived in town a 19-year-old woman named Rosa Maltoni, who had just been appointed as Dovia’s first elementary school teacher—a new law had just made elementary education compulsory for the first time. Rosa was an attractive woman of serious character, born in the nearby village of San Martino in ...

    • Philip Cannistraro
    • 2016
  5. Rosa Maltoni was the mother of Italian Fascist founder and leader Benito Mussolini, the mother-in-law of Rachele Mussolini and the paternal grandmother of Bruno Mussolini, Edda...

  6. Other important scenes were shot in Tuscany: the barrack shown at the beginning of the film is the Rosa Maltoni Mussolini summer colony in Calambrone (Pisa).