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  1. Recently viewed. Ritter Rost - Eisenhart und voll verbeult: Directed by Thomas Bodenstein, Hubert Weiland, Nina Wels, Jean-Luc Julien. With Rick Kavanian, Carolin Kebekus, Christoph Maria Herbst, Tom Gerhardt. Embark on an adventure like no other with a very special knight who must save the magical kingdom where he lives by redeeming his ...

  2. The first great film adventure of the vain, but kind hearted hero, KNIGHT RUSTY – YESTERDAY’S HERO RECYCLED, excited more than 650.000 viewers in the German-speaking territory, got loads of...

  3. Synopsis: Ritter Rost (Rusty Knight) is a german animated movie of the popular children's series about a robot knight who must save the kingdom Schrottland with his Fire Dragon coke.You can watch Rusty Knight through Rent,buy on the platforms: Google Play Movies,Amazon Video,Apple TV,YouTube,Vudu,Redbox,DIRECTV

  4. Knight Rusty is in for the adventure of his life: Just as his dream of winning the big tournament comes true, he is falsely accused of theft. Stripped of his knightly honour and his castle, he ...

  5. RUSTY thinks he's the strongest, bravest and smartest knight in the world. But he's wrong. In reality, he's a lovable loser who always bites off more than he can chew. He'll impulsively volunteer to go on a dangerous quest and then worry about it later .

  6. screenable online: 3 episodes. International. Junior. Animation. Ex-cash register Knight Rusty thinks he’s the bravest, coolest knight in all of Scrapland. But he’s really a show-off with a big mouth. The cocky knight rushes headlong into every adventure, only to instantly regret his decision.

  7. Synopsis. Rusty lives with his dragon Cole and faithful friend Bo in the kingdom of Scrapland, a magical world completely made of scrap-metal. With dreams of winning the great knights’ tournament, Rusty acquires a speedy engine for his horse Chopper that propels them into first place.