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  1. Princess Salomé. Princess Salomé Dadiani (Georgian: სალომე დადიანი; 13 October 1848 – 23 July 1913) was a Georgian princess, the only sister of Niko Dadiani, the last Prince of Mingrelia.

  2. Salome Dadiani and Her Descendants. Salome Dadiani (1848-1913), the daughter of David Dadiani and Ekaterine Chavchavadze, was born in 1848 in Zugdidi, but was in many ways a child of Western Europe.

  3. Salkhino Dadiani Palace offers a fascinating glimpse into Georgia's rich cultural heritage, from its royal celebrations to its exquisite gardens, giving visitors a unique experience that echoes with the pageantry of the past.

  4. Salomé Dadiani ( georgisch : სალომე დადიანი ; 13. Oktober 1848 - 23. Juli 1913) ist eine georgische Prinzessin und die einzige Schwester von Nicolas de Mingrélie, dem letzten Prinzen von Mingrélie.

  5. Since the late middle ages, it has often been at the center of Georgia’s political intrigues, military struggles, and cultural development. Ekaterine Dadiani's Palace. For centuries, Samegrelo was ruled by the powerful Dadiani family.

  6. The Ojaleshi of Achille Murat and Salome Dadiani. Prince Achille Murat, the nephew of Napoleon I, the emperor of France, and his wife, Salome Dadiani, played an extremely important role in the development of Ojaleshi production.

  7. Visit the historic Salkhino Dadiani residence, once the summer home of the Dadiani princes and their French imperial relatives. Explore the gardens, 18th century Virgin Mary Church and wine cellar.