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    Sam Moore got the record company to recall the single for using the "Sam & Dave" name without permission, and the record was re-labelled and re-issued by "The New Sam & Dave Revue". [27] Prater last performed with Sam Daniels on April 3, 1988, at a Stax Reunion at the Atlanta Civic Center, which also featured Isaac Hayes, Eddie Floyd, and Rufus and Carla Thomas.

  2. Sam & Dave waren ein US-amerikanisches Soul-Duo. Sie waren eines der ersten erfolgreichen Duos und gelten als prägend für den Soul der 1960er Jahre, insbesondere den Memphis Soul . Inhaltsverzeichnis

  3. Sam & Dave were renowned for their exciting stage performance. In the late 1970's Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi would be very much inspired by that stage performance when they did their The Blues Brothers act. Sam & Dave disbanded in 1971, but reunited shortly several times during the 1970's and 1980's. They were inducted into the Rock & Roll ...

  4. › wiki › Sam_&_DaveSam & Dave - Wikipedia

    Sam & Dave was een Amerikaans soulduo, bestaande uit Sam Moore (1935) en David Prater (1937-1988). Sam & Dave behoorden tot de eerste soulartiesten. Het duo had een reeks hits in de jaren zestig van de twintigste eeuw, waaronder "Soul Man" en "I Thank You".

  5. Sam & Dave were an American soul, rhythm and blues (R&B) duo who performed together from 1961 through 1981. The tenor voice was Samuel David Moore (born on...

  6. › wiki › Sam_MooreSam Moore - Wikipedia

    Additionally, Prater hired Sam Daniels in 1982 to perform the "Sam" part for the Sam & Dave act and thus, according to Moore, limited his opportunities to play as a solo artist. Moore pursued Prater legally to stop performing using his name, and was successful in getting an injunction against them performing in a few individual cities and counties. However, there is no national law prohibiting ...

  7. › wiki › Dave_PraterDave Prater - Wikipedia

    Dave also appeared in the Paul Simon movie One Trick Pony as part of Sam & Dave. Their last performance together was on December 31, 1981, at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco. The New Sam and Dave Revue (1982–1988) In 1982, Prater started touring with Sam Daniels. This duo was also billed as Sam & Dave. They performed together until Prater's ...