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  1. Samuel Davies (born November 3, 1723, New Castle county, Delaware—died February 4, 1761, Princeton, New Jersey) was a Presbyterian preacher in the American colonies who defended religious dissent and helped lead the Southern phase of the religious revival known as the Great Awakening.

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  2. Samuel Davies (November 3, 1723 – February 4, 1761) was an evangelist and Presbyterian minister. Davies ministered in Hanover County from 1748 to 1759, followed by a term as the fourth President of Princeton University, then known as the College of New Jersey, from 1759 to 1761.

  3. 22. Dez. 2021 · Learn about Samuel Davies, an evangelical Presbyterian leader who preached in Virginia from 1748 to 1759. He played a key role in the Great Awakening, influenced Patrick Henry, and founded eight licensed meetinghouses.

  4. Samuel Davies (1723-61) was a pioneering evangelist in Virginia and Princeton's fourth president. He preached the spiritual equality of enslaved people and supported their education, but owned at least two slaves himself.

  5. 3. Nov. 2017 · An article from Journal of Presbyterian Historical Society that traces the life and legacy of Samuel Davies, a Presbyterian minister and leader of the Great Awakening in the South. Learn about his preaching, hymn writing, education, and social concerns in colonial Virginia.

  6. Samuel Davies was a Presbyterian minister who later became the fourth president of Princeton University. He was noted for preaching to African enslaved people who converted to Christianity in unusually large numbers, and he is credited with the first sustained proselytization of enslaved people in Virginia. [98]

  7. Samuel Davies had the capacity for leadership, and he happened to be born at a time when a great change was imminent,, a change which was to be in full swing when he was to be ready to do his part.