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  1. Lady Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia McCorquodale (née Spencer; born 19 March 1955) is one of the two older sisters of Diana, Princess of Wales, the other being Jane Fellowes, Baroness Fellowes.

  2. 2. Juli 2021 · Lady Sarah McCorquodale und Jane Fellowes: Alles über Dianas Schwestern. Die Schwestern der verstorbenen Prinzessin sind William und Harry bis heute eng verbunden geblieben. Stimmen Sie einer ...

  3. 14. Nov. 2022 · Sarah got married one year before her sister, in 1980, to Neil McCorquodale. The couple have three children, Emily, George, and Celia, and are still together today.

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  4. 20. Nov. 2023 · Aus der Ehe gingen fünf Kinder hervor: Lady Sarah McCorquodale, 68, Jane, Baroness Fellowes, 66, Hon. John Spencer, der zehn Stunden nach seiner Geburt starb, Diana, die spätere Prinzessin von...

    • Sabrina Page
  5. 6. Juli 2019 · Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes have largely retreated from public life since the tragic death of their sister, Princess Diana; however, the two women were included in Prince Harry ...

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  6. 15. Nov. 2020 · Princess Diana's older sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Jane Fellowes, Baroness Fellowes, are both still alive. As season 4 of The Crown shows, Lady Sarah Spencer dated Prince Charles before Diana did. Here's what you need to know about Diana's sisters, and where they are now.

  7. 24. Juni 2021 · Princess Diana 's older sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale was depicted in season four of The Crown, but what does she do and where is she now? Lady Sarah Spencer, as she was known before her...