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  1. Vor 2 Tagen · from MGM 10890 78 rpmorchestra directed by George TreadwellMusic by Fud Livingston and Matty Malneck - Lyrics by Gus Kahn

    • 3 Min.
    • 271
    • Croonr1
  2. 10. Mai 2024 · Ill Wind (3:30) - Sarah Vaughan. Ill Wind (. 3:30. ) - Sarah Vaughan. JAZZ RECORD VAULT. 839 subscribers. 7. 89 views 2 days ago. From the album "After Hours", 1961 Sarah Vaughan –...

    • 3 Min.
    • 130
  3. Vor 3 Tagen · Sarah Vaughan, also known as “Sassy” and “The Divine One,” was one of the most influential and accomplished jazz musicians of the 20th century. With her breathtaking vocal range and mesmerizing improvisational skills, Vaughan captivated audiences around the world, earning her a place among the jazz greats.

    • Joyce Burgess
  4. 29. Apr. 2024 · Sarah Vaughan - How Important Can It Be - YouTube. Dimitris 004 & daughter - New channel. 4.99K subscribers. Subscribed. 1. 2 views 1 minute ago. * How important can it be That I've tasted...

    • 3 Min.
    • 137
    • Dimitris 004 & daughter - New channel
  5. 5. Mai 2024 · Sarah Vaughan, known as “The Divine One” and affectionately as “Sassy,” remains a jazz icon with a musical journey that left a lasting impact on jazz. Swingin’ Easy is a shining example of her talent and impact among her many albums. Recorded in part in 1954 and 1957, the album was released in 1957.

  6. Vor einem Tag · The 100th Centennial Celebration of Sarah Vaughan held at the Seneca One Auditorium, was more than just a tribute to one of jazz's most iconic voices—it was a powerful demonstration of the vibrancy and evolution of our local jazz community. The evening featured the extraordinary vocal talent of DeeAnn DiMeo, who delivered breathtaking renditions of songs from Vaughan's repertoire ...

  7. 22. Apr. 2024 · The historic Newark Symphony Hall was the perfect place to commemorate the 100th birthday of the trailblazing singer and pianist, Sarah Vaughan (1924-1990). Vaughan left an undeniable mark on...