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  1. 2. Mai 2024 · In Our Time: Science on Apple Podcasts. 284 episodes. Scientific principles, theory, and the role of key figures in the advancement of science. In Our Time: Science BBC Radio 4. History. 4.6 • 637 Ratings. MAY 2, 2024. Nikola Tesla.

  2. Vor 6 Tagen · The integration of scientific and humanistic disciplines in academic research and teaching (“consilience”) is grounded in the concept of the unity of knowledge. Opponents of consilience argue that there is a difference between factual or propositional knowledge (i.e., “objective” knowledge) produced by science and philosophy through theory, empirical data, or logic-based argumentation ...

  3. 15. Mai 2024 · At the science–policy interface, all problems can look wicked: research exposes the complexity that is relevant to designing, executing and implementing policy fit for ambitious human needs 3, 4 ...

  4. Vor einem Tag · Using the tools of particle physics, scientists are enhancing cancer diagnosis and treatment. Interdisciplinary collaboration is the best way to address many of the complex issues we face today, like controlling climate change or fighting cancer, and it can help scientists and doctors make a lasting impact on human lives and the health of our planet.

  5. Vor 5 Tagen · Metaphysical Humanistic Science is about exploring, understanding, and enhancing the human condition in a variety of ways; it’s about empowering the human spirit; and it’s about discovering the true nature of our existence in relation to all that is.

  6. Vor 5 Tagen · Three ERC Consolidator Grants for TUM School of Natural Sciences researchers. High-resolution X-ray imaging, a better understanding of how chromosomes work and synthetic life from the laboratory: these are the topics that three… [read more] 17.11.2023 | Research, Physics.

  7. Vor 6 Tagen · Scientists use generative AI to answer complex questions in physics A new technique that can automatically classify phases of physical systems could help scientists investigate novel materials. Adam Zewe | MIT News