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  1. Sean Flynn (* 14. Juli 1989 in Los Angeles, Kalifornien als Sean Rio Amir) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler. Leben. Sean Flynn wurde als Sohn von Gideon C. Amir, einem Fernsehproduzenten, und Rory Flynn, einer Fotografin, in Los Angeles geboren. Durch seinen Vater kam Flynn bereits in jungen Jahren viel in der Welt herum. Er war für längere Zeit in Prag, London, Paris und Tel Aviv, da sein Vater dort Filme produzierte. Sean Flynn ist der Enkel der aus

  2. Sean Leslie Flynn (* 31. Mai 1941 in Los Angeles; † 6. April 1970 (vermisst) in Kambodscha) war ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und freiberuflicher Fotojournalist, bekannt vor allem als Kriegsfotograf. Er ist der Sohn der Filmlegende Errol Flynn und nicht zu verwechseln mit seinem Neffen Sean Flynn (* 1989), Schauspieler und Sohn seiner ...

  3. 29. März 2010 · Sean Leslie Flynn wurde am 31. Mai 1940 als Sohn Errol Flynns und seiner ersten Frau, der Schauspielerin Lili Damita, in Los Angeles geboren. Nach der Trennung des Paares wuchs er bei seiner...

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    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sean Flynn has been a working actor since the age of seven. Grandson of the legendary actor Errol Flynn, acting is in his roots. Beginning his career by appearing in a couple commercials, he quickly moved on to working in Film. At age 14, he secured the male lead in a television series on Nickelodeon: Zoey 101. Sean is now 30 years old, and continuing to study the craft.

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    • July 14, 1989
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    Flynn's parents separated when he was young; he was raised by his mother, Lili Damita. Flynn graduated from the Lawrenceville School in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, in 1960. When Errol Flynn died, he left his son $5,000 to help with his college education.Sean Flynn enrolled at Duke University.

    Sean Flynn first appeared in front of the cameras at the age of fifteen, when he appeared in an episode of his father's television show, The Errol Flynn Theatre. The episode, "Strange Auction," was broadcast in the U.K. in 1956 and in the U.S. in 1957. Over a summer break in June 1960, Flynn visited his mother in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the su...


    Flynn arrived in South Vietnam in January 1966 as a freelance photojournalist, first for the French magazine Paris Match, then for Time Life, and finally for United Press International (UPI). Flynn's photos were soon published around the world. He made a name for himself as one of a group of high-risk photojournalists which included Dana Stone, Tim Page, Henri Huet, John Steinbeck IV, Perry Deane Young, Nik Wheeler, and Chas Gerretsen, who would do anything to get the best pictures, even go i...


    In 1967, Flynn went to Jordan to cover the Arab–Israeli war of 1967.

    Return to Vietnam

    Flynn returned to Vietnam in 1968, after the Tet Offensive. In September of that year, he was working as a cameraman for CBS News when he was injured slightly by grenade fragments while shooting a battle between U.S. and North Vietnamese forces 85 miles south of Da Nang. Flynn went to Cambodiain early 1970 when news broke of North Vietnamese advances into that country.

    On April 6, 1970, Flynn and a group of journalists left Phnom Penh to attend a government-sponsored press conference in Saigon. Flynn (who was freelancing) and fellow photojournalist Dana Stone (who was on assignment for CBS) chose to travel on motorcycles instead of the limousines that the majority of the other journalists were using for traveling...

    Dennis Hopper's photojournalist character in the film Apocalypse Nowis said to have been based on Sean Flynn.
    The story of Flynn was recounted by The Clash in the song "Sean Flynn" from the album Combat Rock.
    Flynn has a prominent role in Michael Herr's book about his experiences as a war correspondent, Dispatches.
    Flynn was portrayed by Kevin Dillon in the 1992 British/Australian miniseries Frankie's House, based on a book by Flynn's friend and colleague, photojournalist Tim Page.
  5. Sean Flynn ist der Name folgender Personen: Sean Flynn (Fotograf) (1941–nach 1970), US-amerikanischer Fotograf und Schauspieler Sean Flynn (Fußballspieler) (* 1968), englischer Fußballspieler Sean Flynn (Schauspieler) (* 1989), US-amerikanischer Schauspieler Sean Flynn bezeichnet: Sean Flynn, Titel des Albums „ Combat Rock “ der Band „The Clash“

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    American actor and journalist. Born to famed swashbuckling movie hero Errol Flynn and actress Lili Damita, Sean Flynn was the object of contention between the divorced couple for his entire life. Raised primarily by his mother, he was alternately ignored and fought for by his father, who engaged in a years-long custody battle with Damita. Sean grew up in Palm Beach, Florida and attended Palm Beach Private School and prep school Lawrenceville. Summers he spent with his father in Jamaica or on ...