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  1. Sheldon Allan „Shel“ Silverstein (* 25. September 1930 in Chicago; † 10. Mai 1999 in Key West) war ein US-amerikanischer Songwriter, Musiker, Filmkomponist, Drehbuchautor, Dichter, Karikaturist und Verfasser von Kinderbüchern. Er war auch bekannt unter dem Namen Onkel Shelby .

  2. Sheldon Allan Silverstein ( / ˈsɪlvərstiːn /; [1] September 25, 1930 – May 10, 1999) was an American writer, poet, cartoonist, singer-songwriter, musician, and playwright. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Silverstein briefly attended university before being drafted into the United States Army.

  3. A Guide to the World of Shel Silverstein for Parents, Teachers, and Librarians. Discover here

  4. Learn about the life and work of Shel Silverstein, the author of humorous and moving children's books such as The Giving Tree, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and A Light in the Attic. Discover his musical and artistic talents, his influences, and his legacy in the world of children's literature and music.

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  5. Shel Silverstein, (born September 25, 1930, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—died May 10, 1999, Key West, Florida), American cartoonist, children’s author, poet, songwriter, and playwright best known for his light verse and quirky cartoons.

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