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  1. Das Genre Singer/Songwriter personalisieren Shelly und ihre Band durch Soul, Rock und elektronische Einflüsse, wodurch ein Wechselspiel aus Energie & Ruhe, Sehnsucht & Zufriedenheit, Melancholie & Freude entsteht.

  2. Shelley Phillips joined by Brian Finnegan and Bill Coulter at the 2014 Boxwood Festival.

    • 5 Min.
    • 8,9K
    • Music at the Confluence
  3. Shelley Phillips is a violist, singer and composer who plays and tours with various ensembles and collaborates with Coleman Barks. She has recorded several albums of early music, Shaker music and original compositions on the Gourd music label.

  4. 27. Nov. 2014 · Starry Night Medley of One Starry Night and Silent Night, featuring Shelley Phillips and The Nashville String Machine. From the David T. Clydesdale album One Special Christmas. Starry Night...

    • 6 Min.
    • 1769
    • ChristianHardToFind
  5. THEATRICAL REEL. A terrific ensemble cast brings this heartfelt family drama vividly to life. Shelley Phillips gives a wonderfully nuanced portrayal of the mentally unbalanced matriarch Evelyn, who spins her madness like a web to stop her three grown daughters from leaving the lair.

  6. ACTOR | NARRATOR. Acting; Narration; Contact; Copyright © 2024 Shelley Phillips

  7. Shelley has worked in both LA and NYC theatre, in award-winning shorts and independent films, and in numerous national television spots. She enjoys narrating stories of Literary Fiction (especially Historical Fiction), Political Thrillers, Suspense, and all the spooky Mysteries.