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  1. 27. Aug. 2020 · A best-seller when first published in 1962, it examines the turning points of Nixon's early public career - from the Hiss case the the Checkers speech to the kitchen debate with Khrushchev and the presidential campaign against Kennedy in 1960.

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    Six Crises is the first book written by Richard Nixon, who later became the 37th president of the United States. It was published in 1962, and it recounts his role in six major political situations.

    • The Hiss Case
    • The Fund
    • The Heart Attack
    • Caracas, Venezuela
    • Khrushchev and The Kitchen Debate
    • The Campaign of 1960
    • Celebrated Author

    The Hiss case was the first major crisis in Richard Nixon’s political life. Extraordinarily controversial and complex, in this chapter, Nixon recounts a tireless dedication, intellectual rigor, and how birds and pumpkins played a role in the conviction of Alger Hiss. While Richard Nixon served in Congress, he joined the House Un-American Activities...

    Selected as the running mate of Republican presidential nominee Dwight Eisenhower in 1952, then-Senator Richard Nixon’s place on the ticket was threatened when implications of an improper political fund threatened to derail his political career and aspirations. In a gutsy, risky move, Nixon fought back and publicly denied the allegations in a natio...

    In 1955, President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack that left him unable to perform his presidential duties. Vice President Nixon stepped in and showed quiet leadership during President Eisenhower’s six-week recuperation. Impressed, Eisenhower continued to task his young and ambitious Vice President with rolesvarying from Goodwill Ambassador abro...

    In 1958, Vice President and Mrs. Nixon traveled to Latin America to promote American goodwill. They faced many Cold War policy protests during their tour. The protests turned violentin Caracas, Venezuela when a mob attacked the motorcade, seriously threatening the safety of the Vice President and Mrs. Nixon. Nixon’s calm resolve prevented the tense...

    In 1959, Richard Nixon traveled to Moscow for the opening of the American National Exhibition. While in Moscow, Vice President Nixon and Premier Nikita Khrushchev engaged in an impromptu debate about the merits of capitalism versus communism. The spontaneous “Kitchen Debate” took place in a model American kitchen and raised Nixon’s profile as a shr...

    In the 1960 United States presidential election, Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy participated in the first ever televised presidential debates. After a grueling and physically demanding campaign, Republican standard-bearer Vice President Nixon lost the election on a razor thin margin to upstart Senator John F. Kennedy. One market research firm“fo...

    Six Crises was republished in 2013 for the celebration of Richard Nixon’s centennial birthday. The 2013 special edition is currently available through the Richard Nixon Foundation.

  3. 8. Jan. 2013 · One of America’s most prolific former presidents, Nixons bestselling books influenced the conduct of American foreign policy long after he left the White House.

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  4. Six Crises (Richard Nixon Library Editions) | Nixon, Richard Milhous | ISBN: 9780671706197 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

  5. Nixon successfully negotiated a ceasefire with North Vietnam, effectively ending the longest war in American history. Domestically, his administration faced resistance to the Vietnam War.

  6. A best-seller when first published in 1962, it examines the turning points of Nixon's early public career - from the Hiss case the the Checkers speech to the kitchen debate with Krushchev and...