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  1. Social liberalism (German: Sozialliberalismus, Spanish: socioliberalismo, Dutch: Sociaalliberalisme) is a political philosophy and variety of liberalism that endorses social justice, social services, a mixed economy, and the expansion of civil and political rights, as opposed to classical liberalism which supports unregulated laissez ...

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    The New Liberalism or social liberalism movement emerged in about 1900 in Britain. The New Liberals, including intellectuals like L. T. Hobhouse and John A. Hobson, saw individual liberty as something achievable only under favourable social and economic circumstances.

  3. Social liberalism also known as left liberalism in Germany, modern liberalism in the United States and new liberalism in the United Kingdom, is a political philosophy and variety of liberalism that endorses a regulated market economy and the expansion of civil and political rights.

  4. Liberalism, the belief in freedom, equality, democracy and human rights, is historically associated with thinkers such as John Locke and Montesquieu, and with constitutionally limiting the power of the monarch, affirming parliamentary supremacy, passing the Bill of Rights and establishing the principle of "consent of the governed".

  5. Als Linksliberalismus oder auch Sozialliberalismus wird eine politische Strömung bezeichnet, die Liberalismus und Elemente sozialer Politik verbindet. Historisch ist linker Liberalismus, auch bürgerlicher Demokratismus bzw. Radikalismus, Fortschritt oder Freisinn genannt, nicht mit sozialem Liberalismus identisch.

  6. 17. März 2017 · Under social liberalism, the common good is viewed as harmonious with the freedom of the individual. Social liberal policies have been widely adopted in much of the capitalist world, particularly following World War II. Social liberal ideas and parties tend to be considered centrist or centre-left.

  7. Insofern ergänzt der private Kommunitarismus den öffentlichen Liberalismus. Liberalismus bedeutet vor allem in den USA: „Pragmatische Freiheit von und zu: Herrschaft und Dogmen, Religion und Moral, Gesellschaft und Gesetzen“. [10] Der Freie heiligt den Vertrag, auch als Gesellschaftsvertrag, unter Gleichen (Peers).