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  1. Vor 14 Stunden · So emotional…H E L L O C L A N C Y 🌻-Estos chiquillos hicieron que este finde fuera maravilloso, no solo estuvimos juntos. Escuchamos el a... Escuchamos el a...

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    Vor einem Tag · Etymology The English word sun developed from Old English sunne. Cognates appear in other Germanic languages, including West Frisian sinne, Dutch zon, Low German Sünn, Standard German Sonne, Bavarian Sunna, Old Norse sunna, and Gothic sunnō. All these words stem from Proto-Germanic * sunnōn. This is ultimately related to the word for sun in other branches of the Indo-European language ...

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    Vor 2 Tagen · Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It is a terrestrial planet and is the closest in mass and size to its orbital neighbour Earth. Venus is notable for having the densest atmosphere of the terrestrial planets, composed mostly of carbon dioxide with a thick, global sulfuric acid cloud cover.

  4. › wiki › SwastikaSwastika - Wikipedia

    Vor 2 Tagen · On Japanese maps, a swastika (left-facing and horizontal) is used to mark the location of a Buddhist temple. The right-facing swastika is often referred to as the gyaku manji (逆卍, lit. "reverse swastika") or migi manji (右卍, lit. "right swastika"), and can also be called kagi jūji (鉤十字, literally "hook cross") .

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    Vor einem Tag · Selenian / s ə ln i ə n / is an adjective used to describe the Moon as a world, rather than as a celestial object, but its use is rare. It is derived from σελήνη selēnē , the Greek word for the Moon, and its cognate selenic was originally a rare synonym [30] but now nearly always refers to the chemical element selenium . [31]

  6. Vor einem Tag · Vegetarianism by country. A vegetarian thali from Rajasthan, India. Indian cuisine offers a wide variety of vegetarian delicacies. Buddhist-influenced Korean vegetarian side dishes. Vegetarian and vegan dietary practices vary among countries. Differences include food standards, laws, and general cultural attitudes toward vegetarian diets.

  7. Vor einem Tag · Principato di Monaco. Sigla autom. Il Principato di Monaco (in francese Principauté de Monaco, in dialetto monegasco Prinçipatu de Mu̍negu) è una città-Stato indipendente dell' Europa occidentale . Monaco è interamente circondato dalla Francia, si affaccia sul Mar Ligure e dista circa 10 km dal confine italo-francese.