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  1. Vor einem Tag · When the summer heat is beating down and you need a refreshing way to cool off, these 18 insanely delicious milkshake recipes have you covered. From classic flavors like rich chocolate and creamy ...

  2. Vor 2 Tagen · MAY 28. "Bionic" (BR) (Netflix Film) In a dystopian future where robotic prosthetics redefine sports, two sisters compete in long jump — but their rivalry leads them down a sinister path. "Colors of Evil: Red" (PL) (Netflix Film) A chilling murder at a Tri-City beach exposes a criminal underworld, testing the courage of a prosecutor and a ...

  3. Vor 2 Tagen · We spoke to "Summer Baking Championship" judge Damaris Phillips about why she believes it's important to be direct when giving feedback on competition shows.

  4. Vor 23 Stunden · One film that passed the test was the 2017 superhero movie Justice League, in which Jason Momoa’s Aquaman character says, “Hey, I don’t mind if the oceans rise” to Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.

  5. Vor einem Tag · The documentary film highlights the White Riot Tour of 1977 as playing a huge part in the formation of the post-punk scene in Scotland, especially the gig at the Edinburgh Playhouse on 7 May. The Clash The show was opened up by The Slits , who were followed on stage by Subway Sect , then Buzzcocks and finally The Clash as headliners.

  6. Vor 2 Tagen · It’s time for change. However, I don’t believe whoever leads the country after the general election of July 4 will be any different because parliament is run by the ‘uni-party’ and that ...

  7. Vor einem Tag · The 1980s were quite a golden decade for the Golden Arches, thanks to Executive Chef René Arend. Under his tenure at the McDonald's corporation, which began in 1976 and lasted until 2004, the test kitchen was rife with experimentation and innovation.