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  1. 8. Juni 2022 · American swingers are "mostly white, middle-aged, and middle income," meaning there's no shortage of stimulated suburbanites secretly getting down and dirty behind the white picket fence.

  2. 2. Sept. 2015 · Since outing oneself as a member of an outcast subculture can carry serious mainstream social consequences, many swingers find that they have to maintain a double-life. “You’re essentially ...

  3. 17. Apr. 2017 · The Danes have a reputation for being a little too polite, but behind closed doors they like to spice things up. The country is home to some of the world’s largest swingers clubs. Germany. Couples here are into swinging at a rate three times that of other countries in Europe and there are plenty of clubs at which to give it a try. Amsterdam ...

  4. 12. Feb. 2021 · Background Swingers are members of a heterosexual couple who, as a couple, have sex with others. They constitute a hidden subpopulation that is at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This study aimed to determine swingers’ level of awareness about the STI risk (indicators: bisexual behaviour, number of sex partners, and STI status) of their swing sex partners (i.e. alters ...

  5. Swingers (S) 2008. Javier Rodríguez Espinosa. Pablo Rivero, Sandra Mur, Alfonso Bayard. 5.4. 81. Drama A couple hungry of new experiences. They are ready for everything. View full movie description | Suggest trailer/video.

  6. 21. Aug. 2012 · Swingers Next Door: A Lesson in Swinging. Aired on 08/21/2012 | CC. Married couple Sharice and Maceo head to expert Reid Mihalko's safe swinging workshop where they learn how to test their boundaries and explore sexual relationships with other people. Subscribe to the this week on own newsletter.

  7. swinger definition: 1. a person who dresses in a fashionable way and who goes to a lot of parties and nightclubs, or…. Learn more.